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satsuki to my ryuko
remade >.<

Future Levy: Future Levy’s cheerful personality is all but gone; a direct result of the Draconic invasion. During the course of said invasion, Levy witnessed the deaths of many of her comrades, including the one she loved, and the total destruction of Fiore. 

Future Lucy: Future Lucy has displayed a rather introvert personality, and can be easily swayed by the events that happen around her.

Future Rogue: According to himself, completely heartless, and will do anything it takes to accomplish his goals, such as killing, or attempting to kill, those who so much as stand in his way. Future Rogue is, quite contrary to his present self, a sadistic, carnage-loving individual, and is very self-centered.

13 July 2014
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Tags: fairy tail. ftedit. lucy heartfilia. rogue cheney. levy mcgarden. future rogue. future lucy. future levy. *ck. i know there's a lot of people who are hating on future rogue. but you need to understand each future counter-part's personality is a completely different from their present self. remember levy? who was always shown as someone who was filled with hope? her future self is completely broken. future lucy? her present self had to remind her that she needs to have more faith in her friends. they all lost something important to them in the future that shifted their personality.

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